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Have you ever wondered where the best casino slots are located in a casino? There is a definite marketing plan behind all casinos and the casino slot machines are located strategically at certain places. There is no random placing of these slot machines and they are not placed for convenience either.

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Instead, they are placed in such a way so as to maximize the revenue for the casino. This article discusses some of the tricks of the trade by listing out places within the casino where the slot machines might be located. This is for your benefit and to increase your casino slot payouts.

First, most of the casino machines are located near the change booths. These are the places where the casino video slots and the booths where the change from the winnings is collected. There is no better sound to the players than cash jingling and the casinos ensure that these casino bonus slots are conveniently located near the change booths. This is to ensure that the players are motivated by the sight of others winning and would play with greater enthusiasm. Next are the places where the best slots in Las Vegas are located. These are near the food joints and snack bars. This is to ensure that the players finish their food quickly and come back refreshed to the slot machines.

The crosswalks or the aisles are another location for real casino slots. This is to make the players look at the winning machines while on their way to other slot machines.

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The loose slots in Las Vegas are located in one of these places though the possibility that they might be located in other places is relevant as well.

There are some additional tips for you to play the top online casinos as well. Look out for high payout machines that have a good percentage payout. These are usually the more than one dollar machines and have a good percentage payout. Next, play the more progressive machines and you would not have to part with too much of your money. You can maximize the earnings as the progressive machines have a higher probability of generating the random numbers.

You should also look for loose online casinos and the best placements as discussed above. On the other hand, you should avoid the tight slots as these are located in secluded areas where there would not be too many players willing to participate in the action. Also, you should avoid the casino slots near the entrance to the Top Online Casinos. The best Las Vegas slot machines are located in the places mentioned above and you would be better off by following sound and sensible advice regarding the same. These are not usually located near the entrances that give an edge to the slot players. You should also avoid the slot machines near the gambling tables as these are usually tight machines and do not have the high payout percentages that other machines may have. The loose slots attract more players and hence they are located strategically to maximize the revenue.

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